Dalhart Dollars

The next Thunder Over Dalhart Airshow

is set for May 17 & 18, 2025

Dalhart Dollars Program Guidelines

On behalf of the Dalhart Area Chamber of Commerce we would like to thank you for being part or our Dalhart Dollars Program where we are putting your dollars to work for our community. The Dalhart Dollars works just like a gift certificate and is good for merchandise only at participating businesses.

Here a couple of things to keep in mind as you spend your Dalhart Dollars.

1. Please check with merchants to ensure they will accept your Dalhart Dollars, not all local merchants are program participants.
2. Dalhart Dollars will not be replaced if lost or stolen, protect them the same as you would cash.
3. When making a purchase with Dalhart Dollars, we ask that you spend at least 70% of each $5.00 or $10.00 certificate. Example: If you plan to purchase an item that 7.99 you can use your Dalhart Dollars, if your are looking to purchase an item that is $2.99, we would like to ask that you save your Dalhart Dollars for another purchase.
4. Dalhart Dollars cannot be exchanged for cash at any merchant without purchase of merchandise or services. Merchants will treat the Dalhart Dollars as cash purchases so change will be given in cash.
5. Dalhart Dollars are not to be duplicated, copied or replicated, doing so will be punishable by law.
6. If you encounter a merchant that has questions about the Dalhart Dollars Program or would be interested in participating, have them contact the Dalhart Area Chamber of Commerce office at 806-244-5646.

Dalhart Dollars with a QR Code are considered New Dalhart Dollars and are only accepted at locations listed on the “View Participating Merchants” button below.

The Red or Purple & Gold Classic Dalhart Dollars are only accepted at locations listed here.